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LeadHub's weekly alerts show you the full address of your competitors' new instructions. Also withdrawn, price drop, fallen through or sold.

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How it works

3 easy steps to get the data every estate agent must have.
Select Postcodes
Select just one postcode, or many. With no contract you can add and remove areas as you wish.
Every Monday we update your account with the latest market information.
Set campaigns unique to your agency, and approach sellers, with informed advice, at key moments in their sale.
Always the full address
Intelligent Hotlist
Automatically generates a weekly target list of the very best conversion opportunities. Updated in time for your Monday morning meeting, this is your intelligent ‘hot list’ for the week ahead. 
We monitor and alert you to every point of activity relating to a home's sale. Send letters through the system, export the data, or use our Google Maps feature to plot your fastest prospecting route.  
Complete Control
Leadhub puts you in control of your vendor pipeline. Time efficient and cost-effective, ensuring you're ready to act on this data as soon as it becomes available.
Data Accuracy
As experts in property analytics we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data and we know more than anyone that your reputation depends on it. Read more.
Free 30 day trial using code: LH30DAYS

Leadhub Features

New To Market
Full address of homes that have come to market this week. 
Property File
A unique file for every property in your account tracking all activity.
Weekly alerts of which homes have been withdrawn from the market.
Price Drops
Get notified of price drops by email and account alerts. 
Fallen Through
Identify and track fall throughs so you're ready to re-market them. 
Built by revolutionary machine learning, the hotlist is unique to each agent.
Valuation Upload
Upload lost valuations, and we will tell you if these are for sale with a competitor, before tracking any changes.
Digital Scribble Pad
Add personalised notes against any home, including valuation comments and other details such as name, email and phone number.
Contact 'Flags'
Choose from a series of 'flags' to mark against any home to make your prospecting more targeted.
My Campaign
Used for sending letters via the Leadhub system, based on your unique hotlist criteria.
Create and upload your own letters. Tag these to an event (i.e Week 1) and the system will automatically match them with the correct property.
Postcode Districts
Addresses Collected
Estate Agent Clients
£20 per month/per postcode district + VAT
Free 30 day trial using code: LH30DAYS
Get access to:

New To Market
Price Drops
Fallen Through
Recently Sold
Property File
Export Feature
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