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Leadhub’s automated address discovery and mailing service is a breakthrough in targeted marketing for estate agents.

How LeadHub works

Leadhub’s simple 3 step process allows you to get started without any fuss.

1. Select Postcodes

Select as many postcode districts (eg RG3) as you wish. With no contract you can add and remove postcodes as you wish.

2. View Properties

Leadhub provides a daily feed of the full address of properties coming to market, and reports on any status change (eg price drop)

3. Prospect

Use our intuitive hotlist to build and send mailing campaigns at key points (that you define) in the seller’s journey.

Data Points

Postcode Districts



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Event-led Vendor Prospecting

Vendor leads made simple! Set your own triggers to identify events of interest. Leadhub then provides you with the full address and marketing activity of properties available for sale, updated daily.

Automated Letters

Simplicity with a stamp! Easily upload and edit your own letters covering each triggered event of interest. Mailings from just 52p. You control if/when your preferred trigger-specific letters are mailed, or download the data yourself for in-house printing/door-knocking.


The ultimate canvassing tool! Target properties before they come to market and mail with eg “sold in your street” (often known as a 20x20), “just listed”, “open house” or “automated valuation challenge” letters. Draw your map and set advance filters such as number of years since purchased, current price estimate (which we calculate for you) and choose your preferred letter.


Coming soon

Upload the address of properties of interest and we’ll tell you what’s happening. Perfect for tracking old valuations or checking whether your buyers are telling the truth when they say they have nothing to sell!


Coming soon

We discover and track properties advertised for rent and enable you to mail these properties directly from your Leadhub account.

Leadhub Features

New To Market

Discover the full address of properties as they come to market.

Property File

Organise properties with a unique file for each property storing all of your account activity. 


Identify and track withdrawn properties, then contact the seller in preparation for re-marketing.

Price Drops

Identify and track price movements, then contact sellers intelligently.

Fallen Through

Identify and track fall throughs, then contact the seller in preparation for re-marketing.


Create flexible filters to highlight properties of interest using bespoke event triggers.

Valuation Upload

Upload lost valuations, and we will tell you if these are for sale with a competitor, before tracking any changes.

My Campaign

Used for sending letters via the Leadhub system, based on your unique hotlist criteria.

Flag Contacts

Control who gets mailed and who doesn’t using the flag facility (eg “Do not mail”). Automated flags also identify who’s been mailed.


Digital Scribble Pad

Add personalised notes against any home, including valuation comments and other details such as name, email and phone number.


Create and upload your own letters. Tag these to an event (i.e Week 8) and the system will automatically match them with the correct property.


The ultimate 20×20 tool enabling you to mail homeowners who are not yet on the market. Perfect for “sold in your street”, “just listed nearby” and “open house” invitations.

(optional add-on)

Advanced filters

Intelligently engage with homeowners based on postcode subdistrict, number of years since purchased, estimated current value, property type, include/exclude specific other agents’ stock.

Google Map Integration

Intelligently select by granular postcodes areas/streets for inclusion/exclusion in a campaign. All on-market properties are geocoded to identify exact location.

Flexible Data Export

Either mail from within the system or simply download a spreadsheet for local printing/doorknocking.

“I sent out our first batch of letters last week, and am thrilled to say that we have already converted two vendors”

Angela Barbaro-Robins, Robin’s Estate, Nottingham


Ultra-low entry point for the full-feature LeadHub service

• Menu-driven – add or remove additional services at any time.

• No tie-in period

• No minimum mailing contract or mailing credit requirement

Our pricing is straightforward, flexible and non-committing.

We charge £25/m per postcode district (eg RG2) for all the above features, except Postbox, which is available as an optional add-on for just £20/m per postcode district.

Optional mailing from just 52p per item.

There is no minimum contract period and you can cancel at any time.

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